File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
am.h [code]Class AM: a multilevel finite element algebra object
aprx.h [code]Class Aprx: the APpRoXimation library object
bam.h [code]The primary header for the Block Algebraic Methods
bmat.h [code]Class Bmat: a block sparse matrix object
bnode.h [code]Class Bnode: a block node object
bvec.h [code]Class Bvec: a block vector object
dyn.h [code]Class Dyn: dynamics library
gem.h [code]Class Gem: the geometry manager object
license.h [code]
mat.h [code]Class Mat: a sparse matrix object
mc.h [code]The foundation header for MC
mc_base.h [code]The base (or foundation) header for MC
mcsh.h [code]Class MCsh: the foundation MC context class
mtool.h [code]Some sparse matrix tools
nam.h [code]The primary header for the Nolinear Algebraic Mutilevel methods
node.h [code]Class Node: a node object
pde.h [code]Class PDE: the differential equation object
prog.h [code]
re.h [code]Class Re: a reference simplex element object
slu.h [code]Class Slu: Wrapper class for a generic sparse direct solver
vec.h [code]Class Vec: an Nx1 vector class
vec3.h [code]Classes Vec3,Mat3: 3x1 vector and 3x3 dense matrix objects
vel.h [code]Class Vel: a canonical set element object
ves.h [code]Class V,E,S: the fundamental simplex geometry objects
whb.h [code]Class Whb: stabilized hierarchical basis library
zslu.h [code]Class Zslu: Wrapper class for a generic sparse direct solver

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