Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
aNodeClass Node: Parameters and datatypes
DynPDEClass DynPDE definition
EipStruct Eip (6*4=24 bytes)
EmatStruct Emat
FipStruct Fip (3*4=12 bytes)
GipStruct Gip (2*4=8 bytes)
LinkA sparse matrix tool
LinkAA sparse matrix tool
LinkRCA sparse matrix tool
LinkRCNA sparse matrix tool
LinkRCSA sparse matrix tool
quadInfoStruct quadInfo
sAMClass AM: Definition
sAprxClass Aprx: Parameters and datatypes Class Aprx: Definition
sBcharStruct Bchar Definition
sBmatContains public data memebers for Bmat class
sBnodeClass Bnode: Parameters and datatypes. Class Bnode: Definition
sBvecContains public data members for Bvec class
sEEClass EE: Definition (8+20=28 bytes)
sFFClass FF: Definition (8+20=28 bytes)
sGemContains public data memebers for Gem class
sHBmatStruct HBmat Definition
sHBvecStruct HBvec Definition
simHelperStruct simHelper
Sip(14*4=56 bytes OR 24*4=96 bytes)
sMatContains public data memebers for Mat class
sMCshClass MCsh: Definition
sNodeClass Node: Definition
sPDEClass PDE: Definition
sReClass Re: Parameters and datatypes. Class Re: Definition
sSluContains public data members for Slu class
sSSClass SS: Definition (8+40=48 bytes OR 8+80=88 bytes)
sSVioContains public data memebers for the SVio class
sVecContains public data memebers for Vec class
sVVClass VV: Definition (8+32=40 bytes)
sZsluContains public data members for Zslu class
TTClass T: Definition
VelClass Vel: Definition (8+80 bytes)
VESTypedef union VES (40 bytes=max[36,24,40] OR 80 bytes=max[36,24,80])
VipStruct Vip (3*8+3*4=36 bytes)

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